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How to Get Followers on Smule Sing!
You’ve probably noticed that some Smuleans have thousands of followers. Does this lead you to wonder…. how?

Some of them use a Generator

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So Why Do You Need More Followers?

Firstly, I want to make something completely clear. In no way is it necessary to have lots of followers to enjoy the Smule experience. However, ‘How Can I Get More Smule Followers?’ is a question often raised. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, we’re only human. The more followers you have, the more people receive invitations to join your Open Calls. Therefore, more people are likely to sing with you. That, after all, is what Smule is about.

How to Get Followers on Smule Sing! Follow me to get free Smule VIP

I currently have just over 100000 followers. I’m pretty happy with that number, and it continues to rise steadily. True, it’s still a very low number in comparison to the aforementioned Smuleans. However, it has escalated very quickly in the last 4 months. At the start of September, I had around 40 followers. So how did the number increase?
How to Get Smule VIP Pass 2018  on Smule Sing!

Joining Groups

The first thing which made a big difference to my number of followers was joining a group (see my previous post How to Join a Group on Smule Sing!). Numbers started to rise steadily after I joined eNeRGy. This increase became quicker again once I joined Global Voices United.


Of course, when you join a group you can follow all the members. They will hopefully, in turn, follow you back. This alone has a pretty big impact. If you’re affiliated with a group, especially if group letters are displayed in your username, this gives other Smuleans an extra reason to follow you.
How to Get Followers on Smule Sing! – people

Tell Us About Yourself GET FREE SMULE VIP

We’re a friendly bunch on Smule. We like to know who we’re singing with if possible. Upload a profile picture. Write a little bit about yourself in your Smule profile. It’s your way of introducing yourself to the community. Don’t overthink it, just be yourself.
Smule Communities

Singtopia and The Official Smule Sing!

Community on Facebook are both good places to meet other Smuleans. There are many discussion posts you can get involved in. When new members join, existing members often leave their usernames in the welcome post comments.

Free Smule Followers

Often people post a status looking for new people to follow. You can simply leave your name or chat with them in the comments section. Joining competitions in the Smule community can also increase your number of followers. Particularly if you do well and progress to later rounds. Most importantly, make new friends and have fun!
How to Get Followers on Smule Sing! – global network

Listen to Other Smule Sing! Users

Spend some time in the ‘Listen’ section of Smule Sing!. Find people you like listening to, then love and comment on their collaborations and follow them. They may or may not follow you back. Either way, you’ll receive more invitations to join OCs. This gives you further opportunity to interact with other Smuleans.

Smule Follow Unfollow

Having said that, there have been many discussions about people who play ‘Follow / Unfollow’. This is basically when a user follows a large number of people and immediately unfollows them when they follow back. I see no sense in this. It’s not a game. There are no prizes for having the most followers.
Treat all other users with respect. The Smule Sing! experience should be a friendly one for everybody.

How to Get Followers on Smule Sing! – love
Just Sing!

Or start generator for fastest results

Post lots of Open Calls, regularly. The more OCs you have the more opportunities other Smuleans have to join you. If they enjoy singing with you, they’re likely to follow you at the end of the recording. It seems newly recorded OCs are at the top of the list when users search for an OC to join. Often there will be an influx of people joining a popular song immediately after you open it. This dies down as it gets pushed further down the list. Try to sing at least one of the ‘Top Hits’ whenever you post OCs because these are the songs people are searching for most. If you can, purchase VIP access to the app. This allows you access to all of the songs available. The broader the types of music you sing, the more people will join.

How to Get More Followers on Smule Sing!

Share the Love

Finally, when users join your OCs, make sure to love and comment. Truthfully, you’re probably not going to love every single join. However, personally, if somebody has taken the time to sing with me, chosen my OC to join, I want to show them I appreciate that. You don’t have to lie in the comment by telling them they’re amazing if that’s not how you feel. You can simply thank them for joining you. This makes a massive difference, not only to increasing follower numbers but to users’ enjoyment of the experience. If they hadn’t already followed you at the end of the recording, it’s more likely they’ll follow after your comment. In my opinion, it promotes the great community spirit I personally want to get out of using Smule Sing!.
If you’ve followed a user you love to sing with, but they haven’t shown love, commented, or followed you back, go ahead and make that first comment.

Thank them for opening a certain song.

Tell them how much you enjoy singing with them. Whatever works for you. Some users have so many followers it must be difficult or even impossible to listen to all their joins. Stand out a little bit by making the first move. There’s no guarantee they’ll follow you back, but hopefully, they’ll at least have a listen and interact with you.

Smule Vip Pass

How to Get Vipp Pass on Smule Sing! – phone love
Hopefully, these tips will help to make your Smule journey more fun. Let me know in the comments section below if you have any further advice on this topic, or did the advice work for you? In any occasion, the best and the fastest way to get followers on sing is the Free Follower Generator
This is another way to get followers and hearts on Smule Sing using another generator

How to add followers at Smule quickly? 1000 followers per week?

online singing sing in Smule apps it does not complete if you are still a little Smule account follower, of course, would make would be becoming bored, because only a few users who listen to your singing Smule. Here I will share experiences as well special tricks so that you can get a lot of followers on Smule.

I myself use Smule Generator to get Smule free VIP just to entertainment, to accompany my spare time activity

there you can see, I just follow a few popular singers in Smule, da you can listen to a recording of my voice, my voice does not emerge singer, but why do many of my followers? up to four thousand more followers, I get just by using this simple trick.

then, as if the trick that I use, let us learn together and we prove whether the results will be as expected?

Be a Smule VIP account using this generator

So you can open up access to all the songs on Smule VIP, which is also part of the trick.


Make open call popular songs as much as possible, here you will get a lot of followers who join your collab. they usually look for popular songs in the quest to be sung.


make songbook, songs popular, I think this trick has a lot on google, you can try it and practice it.


behave polite, gracious, grateful to those who join your collab. This will make them sympathetic to you, even being a fan of your Smule.


if the four ways that you have done but your followers still a little bit, here’s what you should do, follow the singers Smule which has many followers, their followers follow, follow those who have not become a Smule VIP member, you can follow 1000 people per day.


follow again the following day up to a thousand people. until the number of followers you two thousand, there you can not keep up anymore.


The next day, unfollow two thousand, then you follow another user Smule thousand people a day. do this trick until one week, I guarantee your followers will grow rapidly

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